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Queen's University as well as its individual Faculties and Departments are continuously seeking financial assistance from their alumni.

Goodwin Hall

In one recent fundraising program, for example, Queen's was able to raise over $30 million which was matched by the Ontario government for the purpose of providing bursary assistance to financially needy students who are also residents of Ontario (the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund). Additionally, for every dollar increment in student fees that has been levied by Queen's during the past three year period, 30% of the increment has been applied toward bursary assistance. The generosity of Queen's alumni has made these bursary and continuing scholarship efforts the most highly successful student assistance program, per capita, in Canada.

Such funds are, however, allocated toward general student assistance across all Faculties and Departments. Within the Mining Engineering Department, significant alumni support has been realized since the Department's inception and particularly during the past thirty years. The present home of Mining Engineering on Queen's campus, Goodwin Hall, was realized largely through the financial support of the Canadian mining industry when it was constructed in 1971. Currently there exist over thirty-five undergraduate bursary and scholarship awards, totaling in excess of $90,000 annually, that have been made available to mining students by alumni supporters.

Additionally, large infrastructure donations have been made to the Mining Engineering Department by individuals and corporations, including a $1 million dollar laboratory improvement award by INCO Limited, a $1 million donation by the family of Arthur Stollery to promote enhanced teaching appointments between the Departments of Geological and Mining Engineering, and a $500,000 donation from John Kostuik and family to endow the Kostuik Mine-Mechanical Design Laboratory.

The ability of Queen's Mining to maintain its Canadian and worldwide leadership role as a premier teaching centre for mining engineering science has always been due in large part to the continuing support of its alumni and corporate partners.

Donations to Queen's may be directed toward specific programs, such as Mining Engineering, and, if so desired, need not be administered in an undirected fashion by the University as a whole.

The Department of Mining Engineering remains committed to providing teaching and research excellence within its program, and looks forward to the continuing support of its alumni and business partners as a means of assisting in this development.

If you would like to discuss how best to support your Mining Alma Mater, please contact:

Mrs. Wanda Badger
Administrative Assistant
T. 1 (613) 533-2230
F. 1 (613) 533-6597